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Full Moon Puja

Full moon puja was conducted by Sri Narayani Amma on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a huge gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to receive blessings from Beloved Amma.


Sri Sakthi Amma starts the Yagam


Baskets of Offerings for the Fire


Beloved Amma adds the coconut


Devotees attend the Yagam


Beloved Amma does the aarathi


Amma gives a discourse


Amma’s Full Moon (Pournami) Message – 02.04.2007

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"

If something unexpectedly good or fortunate happens in a persons life we would say that it is due to his earlier deposit that he got such a fortune or he must have done something good in his past life to receive such good fortune. This is the normal reaction if something special or strange happens or if a rare fortune is received. What does this mean? As Amma already said, Karma whether good or evil, will accompany a person as per his deeds done either knowingly or unknowingly not only throughout his present life but also throughout his other births.

The words earlier deposit does not mean that this person has given someone some property or something materialistic in his previous birth saying that he would get it back in his next birth. These words mean that this person has done some charitable acts for someone who was poor and suffering in his previous birth. It also means he has acquired a virtue by giving. So, if something unexpectedly good or fortunate happens in a person's present life, it is the effect of the Dharma he has done in his previous birth. If a man wants to be happy in his life time, one of the many ways to achieve it is to do Dharma (Charity).


Who has to do this? Is there a particular sect for whom it is not necessary? No. Every body has to do this. If someone is so poor that he does not have at least one meal a day, he also should do Dharma in order to improve his situation. If another person feels that what he earns is just enough to make both ends meet. He also should do Dharma in order to get a change of status. If another says that he has more than enough of everything, he also has to do Dharma in order maintain that situation. So, there is no particular sect or season to do Dharma.

A poor man has to do Dharma in order get rid of poverty and acquire prosperous future. A person of a middle class society also has to do Dharma in order to be better off in future. If a person says he has no problem and has every thing in abundance, he also has to do Dharma in order to stay prosperous in the future. Dharma is something to be done by everyone and in all seasons.

Karma whether good or evil will accompany a man not only throughout his present life but also throughout his other births as per his deeds done either knowingly or unknowingly. Dharma done in this birth will change the situation and lead to prosperity in the future births.


Take the case of savings in a bank. If you spend all of your last month's money without saving for the current month all your savings will be eaten up and your account will be empty. Students writing exams; the mark for the exam written yesterday will come today. The mark for the exam written today will come tomorrow and so on.

Dharma does not mean that you have to feed a thousand people a variety of foods on plantain leaves. A good deed whatever it may be is Dharma. Money is not necessary to do Dharma. Only a willing heart is needed. A rich man is able to spend a good sum of money to feed a number of people. A poor man says that the rich man has the resources to do such charitable work where as he is not wealthy enough to do so. But the poor people also have to do Dharma.

Even in poverty no one remains without eating. If the rich has several dishes the poor will have at least one. From the simple, one dish if a handful could be placed outside the house, it will become food for many birds, ants and other creatures. Hence, Dharma is not necessarily a good deed done by a man for another man. If it is done for any living being it is called Dharma. This poor man can also get the same amount of virtue as is received by a rich man who has fed several people.

To do Dharma, only a good heart is required. It is the only way for poor people to get rid of the poverty; for middle class people to get betterment in life: for rich people to remain with the same comfort all the time. To be born as a human being is the greatest gift and a rare opportunity. In this birth whatever possible has to be done as per everyone's capacity for the welfare of others. If it is not possible individually we should join others who do such activities and share the responsibility with them in whatever way possible.


The special quality bestowed on human beings is mercy which is not present in other living beings. For example if an 80 year old man is standing in a bus for want of seat a 30 year old man who is sitting may stand up and offer his seat to the old man. Money is not necessary for doing such a merciful act. A cow standing under a shady tree will not bother to share the shade with an old woman who is standing under the hot sun. A dog does not bother either. The special quality a man possesses is the ability to do good for others.

This quality is not confined to a certain sect only. It is true of every human being. Having a loving dialogue, consoling people who are in distress, praying for them, taking an old man on your cycle to his destination, offering a seat on the bus to an elderly person, helping the sick neighbours in whatever way possible etc. are but a few ways of doing Dharma. Dharma does not mean only giving money. If so, you can say it is not possible for everybody except rich people. Doing a simple good deed itself is Dharma. This can be done by everybody.

In order to get rid of a certain situation one has to do a certain other thing. If a situation is caused by sin, only through Dharma (Good deed) one can come out of it. Everyone has to do Dharma without discrimination to caste, creed, religion, richness or poverty.

There is something called human hood which means qualities of human beings. Another thing called animal hood which means the quality of animals. Animal hood engages in harming other animals due to selfishness; whereas human hood is concerned with doing good for others. By doing something good for others both the beneficiary and the benefactor get pleasure.


On the contrary, if something evil is done to others both the doer and the receiver suffer. If one wants to lead a happy life one must do good for others as much as possible. It may be through money and if money is not readily available through physical acts of kindness or through wishing others well. The result of this, sin and suffering will slowly vanish and Dharma and happiness will flourish.

Amma bless that all the living beings of the Universe be healthy, happy, peaceful and blissful.

Beloved Amma sprinkles the holy water on the devotees




narayani amma