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narayani amma
narayani amma

The Vidya Nethram Project

The Vidya Nethram Project was initiated by our Beloved Amma to help to provide a better education for children.


A good education provides the young generation with the knowledge to someday earn a living and the many lessons in life which is vital for their future. On January 6th, 2007, benches, tables, computers and other financial aid were given to the Government Schools.



For the question why should a man worship God, each one will have different reasons. School going children like you pray for getting good knowledge. A person who is sick prays for speedy recovery. Those who struggle to meet both ends will pray for money. We think that each one of us is worshiping God for some specific reasons. By worshiping God, we receive not only what we have asked for but also all other gifts which are good and which we have not asked for. God is not a Power which gives only one gift. God is the sum total of all the Power in the universe and above.

There is a saying. "You will become as you wish". If a person thinks again and again of some thing, gradually that person is moulded to be the thing he/she imagines to be. In the same way if any one meditates on God again and again all the characters of God will come upon that person and make him godly. What are the powers and characteristics of God? Love, wisdom, the power to keep the whole universe under control and such other supreme benevolence are the characteristics of God. So, when some one worships God, the nature of God ascends into the person. If some one asks what is meant by God, what will be your answer? You will say that it is a Supreme Power. (Amma summons a child with a watch to the dais).

Amma asks the boy, "Whose watch is this?".
The boy replies, "Mine'.
Amma: "Why do you say it is yours'
The boy: "Because I bought it'
Amma: "Can you throw this watch?'
The boy: "Yes. I can'
Amma: "Can you break it'
The boy: "Yes I can'
Amma: "Can you throw or break some body else"s watch?'
The boy: "No. I cannot'
Amma: "Why can"t you?'
The boy: "Because that is not mine'

So, a thing to which you can do anything to is yours. In other words anything which is fully under one's control belongs to him/her. This is true with car and its owner. Now, leave out watch, car, house etc. Come to nature. Seventy five percent of the earth is covered by ocean. The waves of the ocean however big they may be, never cross their borders. They can of course cross their border and come over the land. But they usually don't. What will happen if the sun takes one step forward from its present position? The whole world would go into ashes. We enjoy the warmth of the sun only because it is placed on the right distance from us. What do we do to build a house? We dig a foundation pit. For a ten story building we dig foundation to a depth of five story building. If you look at the mountains there are big masses of stones on them. Do they have foundation? A big mass of stone stands on small base. Some one says that a particular watch is his. Why? Because he can do any thing to the watch or the whole watch is under his control. Like wise if some say that he/she owns a house; a car; a watch it means that they can do anything with their belongings or all those belongings are under his/her control.

Let us consider Nature. Look at the waves. Do they cross their borders? They stop at their limits. Has somebody caught hold of the sun? It stands where it is. The big masses of stones on the rocks do not change positions. When you see all of these we could say they are under the control of nature. That is why they stay where they are supposed to be. If these things under nature try to go out of control the whole universe will be consumed. But they can also cross their limits. Just to show that, recently some thing happened. What is that? Tsunami. Yes. "You are doing wrong! Beware! If I think I will consume all of you'. Tsunami occurred just to show that. Tsunami lasted only for about five or six seconds which swallowed the lives of more than one hundred thousand altogether. Then it went back into the sea and dwells there peacefully.

Once in a while it happens just to show that it can also react to cross over borders. To a large extent, nature abides by certain rules. If you control the fate of a watch, you are the owner of it. Like wise nature is under the control of some one which is God. That power which is God not only controls nature but also performs every thing at the right time at the right proportions. God is the power with wisdom. There is story to explain this.

There lived a farmer in a village. He has no faith in God. One day he was on his way to another village on business. He happens to see a pumpkin plant with a big pumpkin and wonders about the size and beauty of the pumpkin on the thin creeper. His legs start paining and he decides to take rest under a big banyan tree. Lying down under the banyan tree he looks up at the tiny fruits of the big banyan tree. He is amazed to see such a big fruit in a thin pumpkin plant and such tiny fruits in a gigantic banyan tree. People say that there is God.

He thinks that this fact is good enough to prove that there exists no such thing as God. He is also of the opinion that if there is God, if at all there be one, He should have a little brain and He wouldn"t have placed such a big pumpkin in a thin plant and such tiny fruits in a big banyan tree. By that time there was a strong breeze which shook the banyan tree and one fruit fell on his fore head causing pain because it fell from such a height. While he rubs his fore head, he hears a unanimous voice. "My clever son, as you think, if I have kept the pumpkin in this banyan tree and if it had fallen on your head, just imagine what kind of disaster you would have undergone. You would have gone not for just five minute"s rest but for eternity'.

This story is just to explain that God not only keeps nature under control but also keeps everything at the appropriate size, distance and proportions. There may be defects in man"s deeds. Some one draws a picture. Another one may suggest some changes in it. But can anyone suggest a change of colours in a natural flower to increase its beauty? No, because all the colours in the flower are correctly designed in appropriate proportions. There are so many kinds of fish in the sea. Can anyone suggest a change of colour or size of a particular fish? Each and everything is perfectly designed by God. So, God is a power, full of wisdom.

Then God is a power full of love. A mother of five children on a festival day prepares five kinds of dishes as per the individual wishes of each of her children. When someone asks her whether she felt it"s too much work to prepare so many kinds of dishes for her children, she would say that she was all the more happy and pleased because she loves her children so much. So, the children give a certificate of love and affection to their mother. For the mother who prepared and gave say five different dishes to her children was given a certificate full of love. But the Mother who created the whole universe and gave countless things to us is far superior to the mother of five children.

Think of the numerous things we are given like variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, colours, fragrance, taste etc. Who gave all these things? God. When we consider a mother who gives just five varieties of dishes as full of love, The Mother who created and everything in the universe for us is the total embodiment of love. So, God is the one who has control over everything in the universe, the one with wisdom and full of love. God is the total sum of love, wisdom and power. When you ponder over God again and again, you will inherit the qualities of God such as love, peace, bliss, generous heart, and the wisdom to do every thing perfectly. For a good learning you need knowledge and wisdom. You will become exactly as you wish. So, if you think of God who is full of love you will become lovable. If you think of God who is full of wisdom you will become wise. If you think of God who is full of power you will receive power.

This is very important. So, worshiping God is to receive not only what we have asked for but for everything. It does not matter which religion you belong to. Every morning you should worship which ever God you like for at least five minutes. If you receive the gifts from God you can study well, improve in life and can be able to do good to others. You have to use this chance appropriately. Just by giving tables, benches and computers or by sitting in the puja you cannot attain the academic excellence. They are only aids. Your efforts are needed. You will be more comfortable when you sit on a chair rather than sitting on the floor. It is only a basic aid. You will succeed in achieving your aim when you concentrate on studies with out any distraction. You would have been praying up to now. But from today, you must pray with more faith considering yourself as a person with power which you received from God, the Supreme Power. Then you will study well, become prosperous and will be able to do good for others.

Amma blesses you to pray every day and be an instrument for the joy and happiness of all the living beings in the universe.


narayani amma