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narayani amma
narayani amma

Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja was conducted by Sri Sakthi Amma on Thursday 27th May 2010 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a large gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to recieve Beloved Amma's blessings.



Sri Sakthi Amma performs the arathi


Sri Sakthi Amma performs the arathi to start the yagam


Sri Sakthi Amma adds an offering to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma chants the mantras


Sri Sakthi Amma adds the pieces of wood to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma adds the offerings to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma adds the offerings to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma adds the offerings to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma adds more ghee to the fire


Sri Sakthi Amma offers the water


Sri Sakthi Amma offers the milk


Devotees witness the Yagam


Beautifully decorated Goddess


Beloved Amma adds the Lotus garlands


Sri Sakthi Amma puts on the crown


Beautifully decorated Yagam


Sri Sakthi Amma does the arathi


Sri Sakthi Amma adds another offering


Sri Sakthi Amma does the arathi


Sri Sakthi Amma does the arathi


Beloved Amma gives a discourse


Amma's Full Moon (Pournami) Message: 26-06-2010:

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"

In every part of the world every parent wants their child to be very prosperous and attain good positions in life. Parents always care for their children, even though they may have other blood relatives. How many parents think that their child should be intelligent, wealthy and healthy and above all be good human beings?

Every parent wants all the above for their child. They want their child to have everything which is good. They take a lot of effort to get these things for their child. They search for good schools and colleges for their child's education, even if they have to make sacrifices. They provide the best food to ensure that their child is healthy. They save to get property for their child to secure the child's future so the child would not suffer for the lack of.

But while the parents are doing all these good things for the child, what have they done to ensure that the child remains a good human being? Even though the child may have a good education, good health and wealth, if the child is not a good person having good education, good health and wealth would be of no use.

The education acquired will not be of any use to the society. The healthy body and the accumulated wealth will also be of no use for doing any thing good. The biggest asset for your child is if he is a good person.

How could one become a good human? He can be a good person only by going on spiritual path. If we try to find out how many parents take the time and effort to make their children good human beings, we may find only a few. It is the duty of the mother and father to teach and practice devotion to God from when the child is small.

What is devotion to God? It is the belief and faith in God and this has to be taught to the child so he too will develop belief and faith on God.


A child knows his father and mother and has respect for his father and mother. Therefore the child will refrain from doing wrong things in front of them. But will the father and mother be with the child all the time? No they cannot. There will be number of such circumstances where the child will be tempted to do wrong things when they are not around.

If a child is taught that there is an omnipresent power that is watching him all the time only then the child will not do anything wrong. This power that stops the child from doing wrong is God. If the child feels that God is always looking, then the child will never do anything wrong.

Therefore teach devotion to the children. Take the children on the spiritual path. Tell them the epic stories, the history of great saints and about Dharma. Pray together at home at least one day in a week. Take the entire family to the temple once in a week. There are only certain things that can be learnt in school and this may not be one of them. In the earlier days Moral Science was taught in the school; today this no longer on the curriculum.

In today's world it is very easy to get spoiled. But to remain as a good person is difficult. There are lots of negative influences around. In the earlier times there were not so much bad things. Today with the development of science in the society bad things too have increased. For example a lot of parents give cell phones to their children. Though cell phones were introduced for good purpose, now it is also being used in lots of negative ways.

In today's circumstances it is difficult to search for good things. One does not have to try too hard to become a bad person. He can easily become one. To be a good person is difficult. Every parent has a responsibility to bring up their child as a good person. Therefore the parents too have to learn good things first. If you have devotion to God only then your child can have devotion.

Devotion is a power. If one has devotion, it will make him strong. Peace, tolerance, happiness, kindness, generosity all comes from the power of devotion. All these will come to a person if he is devoted to God. If devotion to God is missing he will very quickly move in the wrong direction. All good things he learnt will not be useful to the society; therefore devotion to God is very important.


First you should remain devoted to God and then teach the child; only then only the child will take the right path. Creating a child is not an achievement. Teaching the child devotion is an achievement. That is the victory for the parent. By nature children have certain good qualities. But these may disappear if the parents do not have good virtues and characteristics. Teach the child devotion to God, dharma, being kind, affectionate and loving in order to be a good person.

There are number of people who work in foreign countries and they keep their parents in old age homes. It is not enough to provide parents with meals on time. Children must remain with their parents and ask them if they had food or not and if they had enough to eat. This is the kind of a care that all parents look forward to when they get old. These things are not taught in school. Parents only have to teach. If you grow your child with devotion to God all good qualities will come to the child.

On this auspicious day, Amma blesses that everyone teaches devotion to their children and that the children to grow up to be good human beings and be useful to the society.

Beloved Amma blesses the crowd


Beloved Amma plays with the baby of the overseas devotees




narayani amma