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narayani amma
narayani amma

Full Moon Puja

Full moon puja was conducted by Sri Narayani Amma on Wednesday November 12th, 2008 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a huge gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to receive blessings from Beloved Amma.



Amma offers ghee to the Fire


The gathering witness the Yagam


Amma does arathi


Amma gives a discourse

Amma's Full Moon (Pournami) Message - 12.11.2008

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"¯

Every body knows what happiness is. It is a temporary feeling that is experienced as a result of getting what one wants or likes. We also know about anger. If someone stands in the way of what we want we may get angry with that person. If you happen to lose something or someone you like a lot you feel sad. Affection is an abundance of love shown to someone who means everything to you. Everybody experiences happiness, sadness, affection, anger, disappointment, jealousy and so on.


There is one feeling which only mankind can experience. That is peace and harmony. Once as man experiences peace all feelings like happiness, sadness, affection, anger, disappointment, jealousy etc will disappear, so too will worries and suffering. Everyone wants to be happy. One is happy if everything he wishes becomes a reality. Is that possible? Will everything one wants be realized? No. If things don’t go the way we want them to go we start worrying or we get angry, etc. These feelings come about as a result of our attachment to worldly pleasures. If we don’t want to be affected by these unnecessary worries we must find a way to experience peace and harmony.

This feeling of peace and harmony comes from having permanent devotion towards Amma. Will a person who has permanent devotion have worries and difficulties? Yes of course! But he won’t feel the pain of it. He shall have the strength to bear any kind of difficulty. To lead a life without worries one must have peace inside; a state of mind which does not get affected by whatever happens. If a person achieves this state of mind whatever happens, he won’t be affected. When does one get peace? He gets peace of mind when he surrenders totally to Amma.

If there is peace there is no worry; there is no sorrow; no difficulty, only happiness and harmony. How do we surrender? We surrender by chanting the name of Amma. Whatever the problem may be chant the holy name of Amma and fill the universe with goodness. Call Her name over and over again. This is the biggest meditation, the biggest puja and the biggest yagnam. One needs knowledge, wisdom and the place to do other kinds of worship. But to chant Amma’s name one need only a heart to do this.

Through the chanting Amma’s name one gets peace, the necessary goodness and at the same time all the difficulties will vanish. Just chant these three words, Om Namo Narayani ! This means I surrender to you. As soon as you surrender Amma, it is Her responsibility to protect you and take care of you. The present difficulties you face are your own creations. When you surrender the responsibility is now with Amma to take care of you and the best way to do this is to chant Her name.


Anytime whether morning or night you can chant Her name. This not merely a manthra or words, it is Sakthi (Divine Strength) itself. We can overcome any difficulty with strength. The only thing that gives us the strength all the time is chanting the name of God. All that is good will happen through the chanting of Amma’s name.

Some of you in the audience here might be wondering, why are so many edible items and other yagam materials are put into the fire. This is done for the benefit and well being of all living beings in this world. Now the question is how is this possible?

The Supreme being or Paramathma is present in all living beings as a Jeevamathma. That is why it is said "God is within you"¯. Compare Paramathma to the ocean and the Jeevathma to the tiny drops of water that make the ocean. Therefore the Jeevathma is nothing but a miniscule part of the Parathma.

During a Yagam or for that matter when any puja is done the various offerings that you saw being added to the fire are for the Parathma and there transcends to the Jeevathma, that is all living beings in the world. When Paramathma is happy you are happy.

Amma sprinkles holy water

When Sri Sakthi Amma sprinkles the theertham (holy water) on everyone, it purifies your thoughts, words and deeds thereby enabling the divine to reside in you. This brings kindness in the heart, harmony in the community, unity in the nation and peace in the world.

On this auspicious day Amma blesses that all the living beings in the Universe be happy, healthy and graceful.




narayani amma