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narayani amma
narayani amma

Happy Deepavali to Everyone

On this auspicious occasion Beloved Amma blesses everyone with immense peace, love and joy.
Deepavali is a major Hindu festival that is widely celebrated in India and around the world. It is known as the "Festival of Lights," which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.


Deepavali cleanses the Body & Mind

Deepavali cleanses the body and mind. Out of the several billions of life forms that call Mother Earth 'home', the human life form is considered far more precious and blessed. The reason for this is, humans have a purpose and a definite goal in their existence while other life forms do not. The goal of every human is to attain salvation. Humans invest their time and effort heavily on Dharma, which would ultimately lead them to God and liberate them from the cycle of life.

Jothi Ammal & Shanthi light the diyas (small clay pots with ghee and a wick)

Devotees help to light the diyas

Amma walks with the Deepaaradhna

Religious festivals like Deepavali help to keep humans on their spiritual path allowing them to continue performing Dharma. Celebrating a festival does not mean that we should spend lots of money; it means that we should learn the truths and the meaning behind its celebration. Generally, most functions teach us the need to live harmoniously with nature and the importance of being devotional.

Amma does arathi

Amma goes around the Sri Chakra

Deepavali is celebrated as a very happy occasion where we rejoice in the death of a demon called Narahasuran. Why should we still be rejoicing in the destruction of a demon that happened millions of years ago? We should, because, millions of years ago (when the yugas were called dhuwara and thretha), people lived with pure hearts and dharmic convictions while evil lurked on the outside as demons.

Amma swings Goddess Narayani

However, in this Kali Yuga period, most people live with little or no faith in divinity thus giving way to evil thoughts like lust, greed, jealousy, anger, etc. to grow within their hearts. In the past, when people lived with pure hearts, demons existed solely on the outside and bothered from the outside. Whereas now, evil thoughts are dwelling within peoples' minds and steer them on paths that are detrimental to their spiritual growth.

Amma gives a discourse

Celebrating Deepavali helps to reinforce the conviction that everyone should cleanse their minds of impure thoughts and work towards attaining the human goal of salvation. Early in the morning on Deepavali day, everyone should take a cleansing bath after anointing their bodies with oil. Rubbing oil on our skins signifies purification; purification of the body as well as the mind. With a thoroughly cleansed body and a pure mind one should conduct himself/herself on the righteous path.

Hundreds of diyas lit to form the shape of the Sri Chakra

Every year, we celebrate it rejoicing in the death of a demon. These annual celebrations keep the Hindu culture alive. Whenever the culture is alive, good habits are undisputed and followed. And, when the society dwells in good habits, it lives happily, harmoniously and peacefully.

The beautifully lit Sri Chakra

Amma blesses everyone so that all will happily celebrate Deepavali in its proper fashion by rubbing the skin with oil and taking a bath to purify the body and the mind, by praying at a temple and by receiving blessings from respected elders.


narayani amma