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Perumal Temple

Lord Perumal is the South Indian name for Lord Vishnu. Peru = huge, mal = soul or being. Lord Vishnu represents God’s masculine energy, understood to be the Cosmic Nurturer and Preserver of the Universe. MahaVishnu is also the consort of MahaLakshmi hence his other popular name, Srinivasa. Lakshmi lives within his heart. Sri = Lakshmi and Nivas = abode.


Perumal Temple, situated in Sripuram, was consecrated in December 2016. Sri Sakthi Amma designed the 9ft Sri Srinivasa in a standing position mounted on a 1ft lotus base. He is in Varadha Hastha (blessing posture of giving) and Abaya Hastha (blessing posture for protection) while his two other hands hold a conch and wheel respectively