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God is in All & God is One

Once again the pious divine soul, popularly known as Amma, from South India has graced the Canadian soil. Last year, when Amma visited Toronto, many people marveled at Amma’s miraculous powers. Hundreds flocked to the homes and other places where Amma visited to get blessings and possibly a private interview with Amma. Amma is also known as the Goddess Sri Narayani Amma.

Amma says this form of Goddess is considered as Mother Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswathi all combined in one as Sri Narayani Amma, the Mother of Kaliyuga. Those who received gifts such as murtis, vibhuthi, kum kum, etc. expressed great sentiments of joy and temporary bliss, and as each individual shares their experience upon their encounter with Amma, some people's realization is that they have met with God. Time and time again many Hindu priests have confirmed to devotees from the scriptures that "one never knows what form God will take and when God will come."
A Publisher conducted an interview with Amma and on an audio recording asked many questions.

Publisher  :- "Amma, why are you called Amma?
Amma       :- "I do not address myself as Amma, but I would like to ask you, 'why do you call me Amma?'"

Publisher  :- "In a previous article that I've read, you were addressed in this manner, and whenever I associate myself with your followers they, too, call you Amma. (Amma laughs very happily)"
Amma       :- "It is my mission in life to take care of everyone. I see and love them as a Mother. Therefore, it is for this reason everyone calls me 'Amma'."
Publisher  :- "Why have you taken this Mother form and as Sri Narayani Amma in this Kaliyuga age?"
Amma       :- "To promote peace and love. It is a must at this time. Everyone needs it that is why I have taken this form."

Publisher  :- "Who is Sri Narayani Amma and where did Amma originate? We have Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and other Goddesses, tell us about Sri Narayani Amma?”
Amma       :- "What is the difference between naan, chapathi, pouri, roti, bread and cakes?"
Publisher  :- "They are all made with the same ingredients."
Amma       :- "Haa! The basic is one--wheat! Likewise, there is only one power and that is the Supreme Power who is called Brahman. For that power there is no form. To satisfy us, God takes many forms but all are the same. There is no limit to the Supreme Power. Can you find the limit of air? Can you find the limit of sun? Absolutely not! Likewise, we cannot find the limit of God. He is everywhere and therefore forms will always come. We cannot give the age of nature. Without form it is called Brahman. With form it is called Sakthi."

Publisher  :- "But, there are no murtis of Goddess Narayani? All the other deities have representations except Goddess Narayani, what is the reason for that?"
Amma       :- "It is the first incarnation of Goddess Narayani in the world, therefore Goddess Narayani is special. When we look at Maha-Lakshmi She has the four hands. Two hands have the lotus flowers and one hand has the Abaya Hara. She also carries the Conch and the Chakra. Goddess Narayani adds a special sign to this Kaliyuga that is why there are no idols of her."

Publisher  :- "What can be done in this Kaliyuga age for all the people to get upliftment in their lives. Why are people suffering? What causes suffering?"
Amma       :- "They must follow their culture and practice good habits so that they can follow the right path. There are many ways humans can obtain this. Suffering is common to all; it is the nature of man to suffer. We all suffer because of our karma, but we should not worry about that.
Everyone in the world has some suffering. Even a doctor, lawyer, mason and even the prime minister must learn to adjust our lives so that they can find peace and ask themselves “why are we suffering?” When we are not satisfied, we always crave for material things, even if it is not a need. It is just the feeling of desire, therefore this causes problems."

Publisher  :- "Is it because of greed?"
Amma       :- "Haa! Amma says greed maybe! We are never satisfied with the things that we have. For example, if we have 10 rupees, we want to make it 100 rupees, then 1000. Greed causes sins. Therefore, we create bad karma. It continues so sins become a constant in our lives."
Publisher  :- "Are you saying we should only indulge in constant prayer to the Lord at all times and be content, so that we will not become greedy and commit sins?"
Amma       :- "Yes! Everyone must pray in whatever form he or she so desires. Prayer will lead you to the right path in life. Even though there are various forms of manifestations they all are one and same. It is very important to help poor people; this gives good thoughts and real joy to the soul.
One can only realize real joy when they do good to others. You can buy a car for your self-happiness, but it is only temporary. We need the real permanent joy in our souls. This means we must give something to someone, only then can we realize the real joy. That is called dharma."

Publisher  : - "But there are four types of Dharma?"
Amma       :- "Yes. Haa! See, in all the dharmas, there are some limits. Our Hindu Religion tells us that there are basically four Dharmas.
Gurukulum... Time for studying.
Grihastasram... Time to marry and fulfill one's wishes.
Vanaprastham... Time to settle the children.
Sanyas... Time to renounce and prepare oneself for mukti.
Gurukulum is the most important stage. This is the time to concentrate on setting the stage for one's entire life. However, we still need continuous guidance in the other stages."

Publisher  :- "Where and how can a person find the true guru one that will teach the children and give the right information. It is rather difficult to obtain a true guru in this age?"
Amma       :- "There are many gurus, but one should not worry about the Guru, but place your faith in the Almighty God. We get results only from our true faith, even if the guru is not there to exercise his duties as a guru. Don't worry about that. If one has real faith, he gets real results. Faith is the main concern."

Publisher  : - "Are you saying that if one has no faith he or she will not gain anything?"
Amma       : - "Absolutely true."
Publisher  : - "How can one obtain faith, especially the young children?"
Amma       : - "Faith is a built feature that nature has provided. It is automatically there. Without faith we cannot live. For example, suppose a mother says to her child, 'This man is your father.' Immediately the child looks up at the man and acknowledges him as the father based upon what the mother said--no questions asked. Likewise, faith resides in every heart."

Publisher  : - "Amma, What are your final comments? What message can you convey to the people here in Canada and the rest of the world?"
Amma       :- "Everyone must have faith in God, no matter what form he or she desires.
For example, Jesus Christ, Allah, Maha-Ganapati, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Lord
Shiva, Krishna, Rama.etc..

The forms and religious paths may be different, but every path takes us to the same destination that is to mingle with God, the end point is one. Be sincere and devoted in all your endeavors, and then there is no need to worry. It is called Total Surrender. In this Kaliyuga, man has no control of his life and this is creating the problem. Therefore, we need a higher force to guide us.

We need to have some sort of fear, believing that someone who is greater is watching and we must be careful. Then only we can have control. For example, the teacher says to the child, 'If you do not listen, I will punish you!' Therefore, the child becomes scared and listens. If there is a need the teacher (GOD) will have to discipline the child. Discipline is also important for adults, with discipline only then we can follow the good path, set good examples and live happily. Peace and love resides with God and God is everywhere. We create our destiny when we choose our path. God is in all and God is one.

Amma blesses all.


Devotee   : Amma you said that surrender, what word do you use to say that I surrender, not using I?
Amma     : But you can when you surrender, because when you surrender you can use the word I. Yes, because you are going to surrender, so in that case you can use the word I. When you do something and you think ‘I did this’ then this is not using it properly , but when you want to surrender then you can use the word ‘I’. I want to surrender, I need to go.
Devotee   : So just say you do something, and you say I do, so what word do you use?
Amma     : Normally what they are doing, Saints and Big People when they do something they don’t use ‘I’ they use ‘we’ (Laughter).

Devotee   : Amma can you speak to us of Enlightenment, because I’ve been Practicing Buddhism for some time and they are always talking about Enlightenment. It would be amazing for someone like you to speak of that.
Amma     : Enlightenment okay, Enlightenment is nothing. You are already enlightened. What is meant by enlightenment? Just understanding, that’s enlightenment. Just realizing the truth; realizing the secret of the life is enlightenment. So Amma thinks in this trip you understand what the purpose of your birth is isn’t it? So this means that you are enlightened.

Devotee   : If faith and devotion lead to reducing your stress and worry and reducing your Karma is it because of Karma that you find faith and devotion difficult? Is it because you have a lot of bad Karma that you find it difficult to be devoted and have faith?
Amma     : Even the desires are a result of your Karma, you know if someone in the past is spiritual then this is their Karma, and if in the past someone is not, then this is also their Karma. So once you are aware of this then it has served its lesson, you need not worry that you are not having faith. Anyway you are aware of that, you know of that so you are blessed. So if you do not get awareness today then you will definitely get it tomorrow. So just hoping that you will become aware and it will come.

Devotee   : Amma you have talked about the 14 worlds can you give service to the 14 worlds here. In what form?
Amma     : Yes yes, the service that you are doing for Amma, because of the puja, the yagam, is not just for the people who are in the front, it is not for the place where it was happening, it is for every creation in every place. So that is why Amma told you at Peedam that you are all very blessed. You are getting a bigger opportunity than anyone. Just with the small things you can make a great contribution.

Devotee   : Is it possible to back and forth between the 14 worlds?
Amma     : In the 14 worlds the human world is the best, because in all other 13 worlds they need to go and find the divine. Only in this Kalyuga the divine will come to you. The divine will come in human form.
In the other worlds, e.g the world of Snakes, Sages, etc.; the divine does not come in human form. Even though we talk about the Kalyuga as being bad, still it is blessed. It is not that you always need to be bad. In the other worlds there in no opportunity to experience joy, to be doing service because everyone is a millionaire; no one needs anything from anyone. Only the human world is blessed to realize and to feel the joy.

Devotee   : Why is it that all religious leaders are men and not women, in the religions all over the world, it is always the men at the top why is that?
Amma      : It is not like that, there are lots of women who lead the world in the spiritual path, maybe you know about the men, but there are lots of women. Like there was one old saint, one very old lady who is very famous. There are lots of women, not just men.

Devotee   : It still feels like it is ruled by men.
Amma      : Its not, its not. Maybe it feels like that, but its not. So let’s say then even in your faith you see the power, it is a man. Once you say power that is Shakti.

Devotee    : What about chakras- how do they function?
Amma      : Before just knowing about the chakra you need to know lots before that, chakra is not just a name to understand. It is the power of the human body. What is the main thing that the human has? It is Love. Chakras and whatever, yoga, everything else there is, out of everything the humans need is love, unconditional love. So all these chakras, it is in humans, it is in the six stages, so when someone follows meditation, through the concentration you can wake up and you can activate those chakras. The joy you will get from that is not the same joy you will get just by loving once, because you give everything.

Devotee    : What is the best way to generate love and compassion?
Amma      : Try to see you in everything. Just see every creation as yourself. Try to see everything in yourself. So once you start to see that, then you know how much everyone needs that.

Devotee   : I am wondering about nature- what I am wondering about is, did Amma create nature and then nature continued to grow or if Amma continues each individual aspect of nature?
Amma     : No, nature is the Divine, it was not created it was already there, only from nature we are have the forms, it need not be created, it was already there.

Devotee    : How does the using of the drugs affect the Karma of the person?
Amma      : What it means is that some actions will bring direct Karma and some actions will bring indirect Karma. Here is a story: There was a good man, but he was caught by some bad friends they said to this man: ‘We are giving you three options, you need to choose one. The three options are: 1- you can murder, 2- you can rape, 3- you can drink alcohol. You have to do one of those things. So he thinks killing and raping are bad, so it’s better if I drink the alcohol; because he wants to escape from these bad people, he chooses to drink. After he drinks the alcohol, the other things that seemed like a bad idea before, he does them as well. So it will disturb your mind. It will disturb your thoughts and create the different types of actions.

Devotee   : Sometimes I am thinking and I lose track of my thoughts. What can I do with that, how can I go back to what I was thinking?
Amma     : It depends on what you were thinking. If it was bad, you need not go back to that (laughs). If it is good, Amma will help (laughter).

Amma     : (addresses a Devotee) So how is India?
Devotee   : It is good; it is an experience for me.
Devotee   : Amma, they are all surfers.
Devotee   : We have a surfing magazine to show you, it has one of our friends in it.
Amma     : What is surfing?
Devotee   : Going in the wave- its nature, it’s all nature.
Amma     : Amma is doing that everyday with the humans. It is very powerful and wild and big, like a tsunami.
Amma     : (addresses another Devotee) So how are you?
Devotee   : Your food is the best food I have ever tasted, but it makes me grumpy.
Amma     : Don’t worry; just think it is taking all the Karma out.
Devotee   : I believe you if you say so. I am working things out.
Amma     : Sometimes we think we need more attention from Amma. So you just think that everything that Amma is doing from morning to night, Amma is doing just for you. You need not think it is for all, just think it is for me. It will bring great joy.

Devotee   : Why do I feel sad from day to night for Amma?
Amma     : It is not sad; it is love, thinking, why does Amma have to sit so long from day to night. It is thoughts like that that bring tears, but it is not the sadness it is the love.
Amma     : (addresses a Devotee) Are you also a surfer?
Devotee   : One of my friends I am going to bring to India or if you come to Australia you will meet him, is one of the most popular surfers in the world. He is very famous for surfing and I know he wants to come here. We have been talking via the telephone. I think Amma has always been in his heart. I have grown up with him and he is naturally connected by his heart to the Divine. And in the surfing world, they have been showing a movie that went around the world showing him surfing, and his connection to Mother Nature and the ocean; like a connection to the Divine and it shows a contrast to those who surf for money and those who surf for the love of it. He aggressively encourages younger people to be like this. Like the three of us are surfing worshipping the ocean. I call the ocean “the mother”. You know when you go in, it encompasses you, it cleans you like abisheikam, it also gives you a lot of joy. We get a lot of joy from it, it is a beautiful thing.

Amma     : Perhaps when Amma comes to Australia, Amma can join you. You know that there is nothing in the world like something you love to do just like a profession. There is nothing in the world you need to do just for money. Everything is connected to the Divine, so you can see that thing that you love as the Divine. For the rest of the world they think some things are done just for fun. The feeling that you are having, just going into the mother, is a great thing. It is a great blessing to be able to do something like that. From this you can understand everything in the world; if you are connected to it you can see the Divine in it. You will never feel that this is just my job.

Devotee   : My friend and I were talking about that, just this evening. He was saying that surfing could be a selfish thing, just for fun. But also it can be a spiritual practice depending on your mind. And the biggest thing about surfing in big waves it that it teaches you to surrender. It holds you down and have to surrender. So you are surfing and you are surrendering.
Amma     : (addresses a Devotee) So, how are you?

Devotee   : I am grumpy?
Amma     : What is grumpy? (laughs) Sometimes it happens, the things that you are experiencing are new. The energy, the love, it is very new to you, but it is good for you. What is useful is that you want it to come out. What you are accepting now once it settles then it will come out. It brings all those emotions and everything. It cleans and it will wipe out all those emotions. Like in a glass, at the bottom there is some poison. If you need to take the poison out you need to pour out some water. So when you pour out some of the water; from the bottom the poison now will come to the top. It will look like it is poison but keep on trying and it will just continue to come out until it is all out and then there will be just the fresh and good stuff.
Amma     : (addresses a Devotee) How was abisheikam yesterday?
Devotee   : It looks heavy, such a lot of honey, so heavy.
Amma     : It looks like a lot, but when you offer it, it just disappears.
Devotee   : With abisheikam, is that like purification, like washing away Karma for the world?
Amma     : One it is like washing and the second it is with love. All the things you feel is very auspicious for you so when you give these things to the Divine it is love. So if someone has apples, they will choose the best to offer in puja at the temple. All the things that you are using in puja are all the things that you like. The other things are very holy like tumeric, sandalwood, these are all the gifts from nature, so these are considered as very special and rare and they are the best for offering. It exposes your love secondly it will give a special energy to clean.

Devotee   : With the Ganesh that you manifested for me I have been doing abisheikam using green coconut everyday and I think he is liking it, because when I first got it after a few days it started to tarnish very quickly. Then I was talking to my friend and he said that he had done abisheikam on his statue a few times and it became very shiny straight away, with out polishing only using water or milk. So I decided to try this using coconut and straight away it became shiny and golden again. So every day now I do that. Is it helping to purify my negative Karma?
Amma     : Yes. It is purifying, the divine knows it is love and at the same time it is purifying the souls of the humans.
Devotee   : Then after like with the prasadam I am drinking and also sharing this with my friends. Is that OK? Like when I go to Australia with my clients with the really sick ones is it good to offer them some?
Amma     : Yes just make sure that the plate that you are using is silver, then it is ok.
Devotee   : I am using stainless steel right now

Amma     : OK that is ok
Devotee   : Should I buy silver?
Amma     : yes that is best.
Devotee   : Are there other things you can recommend for sick people?
Amma     : Just give them Amma’s photo and ask them to chant the mantra “Om Namo Narayani” and give them some holy ash and you can pray for them. So you asked what the best way to accomplish love is. It is by having the devotion to God. You know it is the key you need to find whether you have that love.
So if you start with the divine then it is very easy because there will not be any conditions. You know having devotion to the divine you will find joy and from that joy you will find love.

Devotee   : Then after that you can go to your neighbour.
Devotee   : My brother and his wife are going to have triplets and I am wondering if Amma will protect.
Amma     : Yes
Devotee   : A little Saraswati, Durga & Lakshmi
Amma     : (addresses a Devotee) So is this the first trip to India for you?
Devotee   : Yes, India is good. I have been here for just over 3 months. I went to Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Rishikesh
Amma     : Did you go to Kashi?
Devotee   : I can see a big change in him since he has been in India.
Amma     : When coming to India it is not like a tour, it is more like a teaching. It is a lesson. You can learn lots of things. You can learn some lessons.
Devotee   : I saw a lot of suffering.
Amma     : Actually it is not suffering, suffering for you but not for them, it is a way of life. For them they don’t take it as suffering, because what you think is that they are coming asking for money from us so they are suffering. For them it is fun. For them it is a lifestyle. So still there are some people thinking it is suffering. Amma was talking to someone about this. Amma was saying can you see any beggar in the street waiting in the dark and not sleeping? No. But you can see lots of air conditioned rooms with the light on at 2 or 3 am. So the beggar is having more sleep than the billionaire. When the beggar goes to the bed, he is finished for the day and he sleeps till morning. But the billionaire he can go to the bed but still he is not sleeping; so which is the real suffering.

You can see this even in Varanasi there are lots of Sadhhus, you can see them on roadside and everyone is having a good sleep, you will hear them snoring. But if you look at the offices; the light will always be on. So suffering is not just outside it is inside also. You cannot draw a conclusion on people from how they are on the outside.

Devotee   : You think that some of the beggars in India have better Karma than those born in the west.
Amma     : It is not like that, it depends. It depends there are lots of people. It is not like there are bad people in India and good people in the west. The lifestyles may be different from one place to the another. Here it is like this, in western world it has to be like that so it is like that.
Devotee   : I am having a lot of very wealthy people coming to me in Australia who are like you say suffering so I see this a lot. Just because I see people who are poor it doesn’t mean that they are suffering. It is like you say these people are working till 2 am making lots of money and then they come to me because they are sick because they have worked so much.
Devotee   : Amma if we have a dream about you is that you visiting us?
Amma     : It does not mean that if you do not dream of Amma that Amma is not blessing you. So it is not that you have a dream with Amma that Amma is blessing you. Amma is always with you. If you have a dream means something special.

Devotee   : Is that any dreams with Amma is for blessing?
Amma     : It depends some dreams can be like violence, some blessings and some protection it depends. Not all the dreams are the same.
Devotee   : Amma I had a dream that you were skiing with me.
Amma     : So it means Amma is always with you. You are skiing Amma is with you, so when you are surfing if you have a dream that Amma is surfing it means that Amma is with you.
Devotee   : Is surfing as good as puja
Amma     : It can’t be as good as puja. For however much a person loves what he is doing. Puja is everyone and everyone gets joy from it. With surfing the person who loves it only he can experience the joy from it. The person who is watching it from the outside see it just as fun. For Puja the person doing it gets the joy and the people seeing also experiences joy.
Ok take rest, Amma Bless you all.

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