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In 2007, Sri Sakthi Amma consecrated the Sripuram Golden Temple, which has become a spiritual oasis for people of all religions. ‘Sri’ refers to the Goddess Lakshmi, and ‘puram’ means ‘abode.’ Sripuram is the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity. The intention behind Sripuram is for each person to realize the purpose of their birth, inspiring them to transform into enlightened beings. Depending on the time of year, between 6,000 and 60,000 visitors per day will come to Sripuram from all over the world to experience the positive vibrations of Divinity at work.

Sripuram Golden Temple is constructed according to vasthu, a traditional Vedic system of architecture. The surrounding area has extensive landscaped gardens, with many varieties of trees, ferns, flowering plants, birdlife, and water ponds, allowing people to experience calmness and serenity.
To reach the Golden Temple, one walks along a 1.8-kilometer star-shaped path. Along the star path, installed display boards with Amma’s teachings on recognizing and connecting to one’s Divinity may be contemplated. Walking amidst such beauty, nestled amongst 100 acres of natural landscape, visitors can connect to their souls and leave the temple with renewed inspiration for their spiritual path, motivated to contribute their talents to the world.

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