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Temples of Narayani Peedam

Sri Narayani Peedam is the name of the spiritual foundation created by Sri Sakthi Amma. It is the headquarters of all of Sri Sakthi Amma’s projects, be it spiritual activities or seva (selfless service). At Peedam, poojas (rituals) are performed every single day, in accordance with Vedic scriptures. The premises of Sri Narayani Peedam include the Sri Narayani Temple, Swayambu Temple (Peedam’s first temple), Putthu (Sacred Anthill), Shanti Mandapam (Hall of Peace), Yaga Sala (Full Moon Hall), Gho Sala (Home for Cows), as well as its administrative offices.


The word ‘Peedam’ in Tamil (or Peetha in Sanskrit) means ‘seat’, ‘throne’ or ‘place of worship’. Sri Narayani Peedam refers to ‘the seat’ of Goddess Narayani. It is from this seat in this blessed land, with its history of great sages, that the entire universe is taken care of.

Putthu Kovil

When Amma left home at 16 years of age, Amma moved into a house that stood by this very putthu (sacred anthill) and offered pooja daily.

A putthu is considered nature’s way of confirming that the surroundings are sacred, affirming that the Divine force is present. Sri Narayani Peedam was built around this sacred anthill in the following years.


The Swayambu Temple

The Swayambu Temple is the first temple established at Sri Narayani Peedam. In 1992, Amma declared that a swayambu (a sacred symbol that manifests of its own accord) would appear from the ground at 6pm on 11 September. 


Sri Narayani Temple

Sri Narayani Temple is India’s only temple dedicated to the Goddess Sri Narayani. After four years of construction, the temple was consecrated on January 29, 2001. The name of Goddess Sri Narayani was chanted by 750 Shivacharyas (priests) for nine days.

 Shanti Mandapam

Shanti Mandapam (Hall of Peace) is the heart of Sri Narayani Peedam. This unique hall accommodates hundreds of devotees and is designed with intricately crafted hand-painted murals and statues of the Devis, facilitating an environment for deep contemplation and meditation.


The Yaga Sala

The Yaga Sala at Sri Narayani Peedam was inaugurated on January 1st, 2006. The Yaga Sala is a gable-roofed steel structure and can house over two thousand devotees. Artistically crafted celestial beings serve as the backdrop to the grand stage where the rituals are conducted. Every month the Full Moon Puja is conducted here.

Adhi Narayani and Goddess Durga

Adhi Narayani is the first sculpted form of Narayani, erected in Sri Narayani Peedam in 1993. Until then, the representation of the Divine Mother only existed in the form of nature: as the sacred anthill in Sri Narayani Peedam and as the swayambu in the Swayambu Temple.