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Dearest Amma.png

Dearest Amma

A Book of Prayers

A collection of prayers 
offered with love and devotion 
at the Divine Lotus Feet of our 
beloved Mother, 
Sri Sakthi Amma.

About the Author

Dr Nivedita Singh is a consultant geriatrician in London. She is married to Dr Sanjay Prasad, a consultant cardiologist. 
They have two children, Radha and Meera. Nivedita’s family have been devotees of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for several generations. They were blessed to have their first darshan of Sri Sakthi Amma in August 2014. The connection between Divinity and devotee was immediate and the whole family surrendered themselves to the Divine Lotus Feet of their Dearest Amma.

With Amma’s permission and blessings Nivedita has composed this book of prayers. Most of the prayers are universal and eternal but some directly reflect her role as a mother and a doctor. The background of each page consists of the potent mantra, 

Om Namo Narayani.

In July 2017 Amma approved the final collection of prayers for publication. On the 17th of February 2019 during theertham time, Amma blessed the first copy of Dearest Amma: ‘With love Amma’.

Other publications by Dr Nivedita include: 
Our Loving Mother Sri Sakthi Amma Devi Stotram (DVD) 
and Highway to Heaven, a snakes and ladders game.

Om Namo Narayani

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