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Bhajans are devotional songs that express love, reverence, and praise for the Divine, and are a significant part of the Hindu tradition. Bhajans abet devotion and surrender, and aid in facilitating a joyful connection with the Divine, ultimately bringing peace of mind and removing worry and stress.



Sri Sakthi Amma’s discourses are Divine words of wisdom that facilitate spiritual growth and guide humanity to righteousness. Discourse topics cover all aspects of existence, including faith, surrender, devotion, destiny, life, prayer, and selfless service.


In the Sanskrit language, the word mantra can be broken down as follows:
‘Man’ for ‘soul’ and ‘tra’ means ‘through.’ Therefore, the word ‘mantra’ means ‘through the soul.’ The source of the universe is the Divine, and the source of the Divine is mantra. Explore how mantras are the source of Divine energy.



Sri Sakthi Amma’s boundless love, grace, and kindness for humanity have led to extraordinary experiences and unfathomable miracles. These occurrences are documented here through personal testimonials from across the globe.


A yantra is a sacred geometry symbol developed from ancient wisdom that represents the divine energy of the universe. Yantras are tools for meditation, mantra recitation, and prayer, helping to focus on intentions harmoniously and channel the universe's energy into the body. These are a collection of Yantras specially created and painted by Amma.

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