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A Dream Comes True- By a Singapore Devotee

A Dream Comes True- By a Singapore Devotee

I had a dream around the 3rd week of January 1999. In my dream, I could see the performance of my father’s death anniversary ceremony. After the ceremony, I saw a young person about 23 years old (whom I have never seen before) coming to my house. The person gave me a tray which contained Thirumangalyam, fruits, thamboolam and an invitation card, saying that it was from ’Amma’.

In February 1999, I visited Amma at a devotee’s home in Telok Kurau. During the interview (the first time I saw Amma), I quickly realized that Amma was indeed the person I had seen in my dream. I asked Amma if Amma had appeared in my dream. Amma laughed and confirmed that ‘all the auspicious things were given too”. I burst out in tears of joy. About 4 months prior to that, sometime in late 1998 my daughter had a similar dream, in which Sathya Sai Baba came to our house and we were awaiting His darshan.

My father’s death anniversary actually took place in Madras on March 4th. The next day Amma visited my home in Singapore for Paada Pooja, just as it happened in my dream two months ago, as well as in my daughter’s dream. We had a small group of people awaiting Amma when Amma arrived at our house. Amma materialized an idol of Swami Ayyappan for my daughter.

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