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A Small Miracle - Stefanie Mercado Altman

A Small Miracle - Stefanie Mercado Altman

On the night I arrived at the Peedam for the first time, my family and I were invited to meet privately with AMMA. At that meeting AMMA materialized a rudhra for me. I treasured the gift and wore it around my neck for guidance and protection. When I returned home to the U.S. I wore it all the time – it was my AMMA GPS device. Since this was a grand gift in my eyes-a gift from the divine and not every person has a manifestation, I was highly concerned with making sure that I knew where my rudhra was all the time. And so to be sure of where it was, I placed it on the altar in my bedroom.

Years later I was away at summer camp and asked my parents to send my rudhra to me which they did. Within a short time I had misplaced my rudhra somewhere in the cabin I was living in. When my parents came to visit at the end of the summer to take me home we looked everywhere but could not find it. We asked the camp owners to look out for the rudhra when the cabin was cleaned but I was heart sick that I had lost this precious gift from AMMA.

When we returned home I was at a fire puja and heard a story that suggested you can never lose a gift from AMMA. I did not understand how this was possible as I had lost my rudhra. Two weeks later my mother opened the night table next to her bed and there was my rudhra. It was then that concept of never losing a gift of AMMA stuck with me, it was all true in the end. Whether the rudhra was manifested for me or not, I would always know deep down that AMMA has infinite love for her children. Her love is always around. And with the reappearance of my rudhra, it was clearly proven that Her love was certainly everywhere.

By Stefanie Mercado Altman, New York City USA, 16 years old

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