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Cell Phone Mystery

Cell Phone Mystery

When Amma visited New York City in the fall of 2000, I was lucky to be with Amma and serve Amma throughout the stay. Just before that trip, I had acquired a digital cell phone, which I happily handed over to Amma for personal use. Amma gave out that cell phone’s number to all the devotees all over the world and to the workers at the Peedam in India.

Needless to say, that phone was very heavily used for both making and receiving calls most of them were of the International variety. My brothers warned me that unless I put a cap on its usage, I could end up with a huge bill at the end of the month from the cell phone service provider. I reminded them that all our money is Amma’s money and if I had to part some of it to the service provider, so be it!

Amma left for India after a wonderful 16 days’ stay in Canada and in the USA and I returned home a very happy man. I had also noticed an anomaly in the phone’s capability. We could dial overseas calls on that phone while we were in NYC, but couldn’t do it as soon as we entered Canada. So, I phoned the service provider to ask them to fix it. “What is your phone #?” they asked. When I told them, their reply was, “Never heard of it. It is not in our computer system.”

I then gave them the phone’s ESN and also the contract# that I had gotten from them. Their answer to all of this? “Never heard of it!” So far, I haven’t received a bill from any one! So I did not have to pay a huge telephone bill as my brothers had warned. Did Amma fix their computer? We all believe that Amma had a hand in this mystery. Thank you, Amma

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