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Cow Apron - Stan Altman, NYC

Cow Apron - Stan Altman, NYC

In September of 2005, I was scheduled for surgery so I emailed AMMA asking for blessings that the surgery would go well. The day before the surgery was to take place I received an email message from AMMA that AMMA would take care of everything. That afternoon in my meditation I saw AMMA step into the body of my surgeon and this vision gave me peace of mind.

The next morning as I was taken into surgery and was beginning to fall under the influence of the anesthesia, my surgeon entered the operating room wearing a white apron with large gray spots all over the front of it. I was so taken with this unusual sight that I asked him “What are you wearing?” His reply: “I am wearing my cow apron”.

Two days later as I was retelling this story to my son I suddenly understood the significance of my surgeon’s apron – his cow apron - was AMMA’s way of reassuring me that AMMA was taking care of me.

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