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First Encounter with my Guru

First Encounter with my Guru

On Tuesday, October 6th, 1998 my husband called me at work saying he wanted to take the family to see and meet a spiritual or holy one. I was a bit hesitant since I usually visit the temple on Tuesdays for Hanuman puja. My husband said, “Do not worry, Hanuman will forgive you.” We went to the home where Amma (the holy one in question) was staying at the time.

We were eventually at the top of the line for an interview, only to be told that Amma will not be seeing anyone else until after puja. There was a bit of confusion and perhaps disappointment in my mind. Anyway, we took a seat with the rest of the gathering and for the first time my family and I was able to meet and be blessed with the sight of Om Sakthi Narayani affectionately known to everyone as Amma.

After puja an announcement was made by the hostess that everyone should partake of dinner as per Amma’s instructions. I decided not to eat until I offered the fruits and flowers which I brought as is customary in our culture. The hostess came to say that Amma said that everyone had not eaten and that Amma will not begin interviews until everyone had done so. It then struck me that something mysterious or more powerful than I can comprehend was unfolding.

I then had a mouthful of food from my son’s plate.
As soon as I had a little, the hostess came to inform our family that Amma was waiting for us. I was overwhelmed since I had never met, heard or read anything of either Amma or the family at which we were at. We then had a private interview, whereby Amma materialized a Saraswathi murti for the family. At this interview Amma said to us that maybe one day Amma will visit our home, words to this day I will never forget despite the fact that Amma did visit our home (Amma's home as Amma quite rightly puts it) two weeks later.

Amma has made an indelible impression in all our hearts from that day on and we pray with Amma's blessings and guidance our devotion and faith will grow stronger and sincere with each passing moment. Monday, 1998 October 26th: Amma was at our home (Amma’s home) for paada puja. Amma then asked to see the puja room which I had a "makeshift" one in one of my daughter’s room.

Amma informed us that we should have a separate puja room and we explained to Amma why we did not at the time in question. In my mind I was wishing that it would be great if Amma could bless the room which would later be converted into a pray/puja room. Before I knew it Amma asked to be led to that room, and needless to say I was quite embarrassed since I was not fully aware of the tidiness of the room. Amma went to the doorway and looked (blessed the room to my relief). My heart was overcome with joy and the sense of belonging, belief and faith, which has kept on growing since.

Saturday, 1999 October 16th: Last of three days Amma spent at the house, Amma requested that the family come in to speak with Amma and receive darshan before leaving for another devotee’s home. Amma gave me some yellow rice in a thali with instructions that the rice should be wrapped in a yellow cloth and placed in my puja room.

I was waiting for one of my own thalis to transfer the rice in when I saw from the corner of my eyes something fall. There was a piece of yellow silk cloth on the floor, I then asked the only two people who were close by if they had dropped "this cloth" or if it had belonged to either of them - it did not. I truly believe that this "yellow cloth" was no mystery, but was given to me by Sri Sakthi Narayani our DEAREST Amma.
My experiences and Amma’s love and compassion has kept the family happy and filled with love even in times of anxiety.

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