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God's Visit

God's Visit

I am an amateur photographer. For many years I have been interested in cultural heritage and, in fact, have volunteered with The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa to photograph many of the cultural events that the museum hosts. With this keen interest, I have tried to capture on film as much of Amma's activities as possible whenever possible. While we were in India we were granted access to sites that usually were forbidden to photographers.

While Amma was visiting Calgary in May 2000 I became fascinated by Amma's relationship to Narayani. I was trying to understand exactly what it meant and photographed Narayani often during and after many Pujas. During the Bathing Puja, Amma was pouring milk over the 1 foot high Narayani statue which gave Narayani a slightly milky, golden hue.

As I viewed through the lens that hue spread to become an all-encompassing feeling. The feeling was like the taste of the sweetness of honey. It was presented as an absolute fact that the sweetness radiated from Narayani and fed into the world. I have heard in the Bible about the sweetness of God's presence and I believe I more fully understand that truth through Narayani. Whenever I contemplate God, the sweetness of that vision stays with me always.

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