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Kheer, Anyone?

Kheer, Anyone?

So he arrived in Calgary and found himself surrounded by Amma’s devotees all of whom seemed to enjoy the good companionship and the fellowship with the Beloved Amma. He also missed something! His taste buds were salivating for Kheer, a rice and almond dessert made with milk. He was very sure that very soon Amma’s cooks will make it to be shared among all the devotees. But nothing happened!

So, after waiting in vain for a few days, he decided to ask one of the cooks. He thought that he would out-smart them by suggesting that they ought to make Kheer for Amma’s consumption. The lady agreed. Amma, out of boundless kindness and love for the new devotees in Calgary, had set up a routine whereby Amma will be surrounded by at least 15 to 20 devotees during the meals which Amma would share with them.

He usually did not take part in such gatherings as he would be busy elsewhere doing service. On the day after he made that suggestion to one of Amma’s cooks, Amma was having lunch as usual with very many devotees sitting around and enjoying the prasadham (Holy offering).

Suddenly, Amma told one of the devotees who was in the room to go and get him. The devotee went downstairs looking for him, but he was busy doing seva (service). The devotee indicated to him that he was needed in Amma’s room and he promised to get there as soon as his task was completed. The devotee returned to Amma’s room and reported to Amma that he would be there as soon as his current task had been completed. Amma continued eating and sharing the food and there was no sign of him.

Finally, Amma finished lunch and washed up. The devotee's heart sank feeling for the poor guy thinking that he missed sharing from Amma’s food. After Amma washed up, Amma picked up a cup that contained Amma's dessert, and at that moment in he came. As customary, he prostrated in front of Amma and sat down. Amma tasted just one spoonful of the drink from the cup and then called him, handed him the cup, and told him to enjoy the Kheer that he wanted so much. How did Amma know? Did the cook tell? The cook swears to this day that she hadn't!

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