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Miracle of the “Open Eyes of Mangala Narayani"- by M. Rajkumar

Miracle of the “Open Eyes of Mangala Narayani"- by M. Rajkumar

On 8th June 2010, I Went to Peedam and I had The Divine darshan of Beloved Amma and returned to my home at around midnight.

On the morning of 9th June, as usual I went to see the Amma and Mangala Narayani photographs as I normally do as the first Darshan of my morning. To my surprise I saw the Eyes of Mangala Narayani open, I was thrilled and surprised; I called out to my wife Dr. Viji to look at Mangala Narayani without telling her what I saw. She looked and saw the same miracle as me and started crying out of joy.

Few minutes Later my house maid came and we asked her to look as well and she too could see the eyes of Mangala Narayani opened beautifully and with a smile. We all performed Puja and I left to go to my office.
In my office I have two Mangala Narayani photos and everyday I offer flowers before I start my work, there also I saw the same miracle of Mangala Narayani; her eyes were open and with a smile. I called my collegues over and all of them were really amazed and some became speechless.

I told my friend and Nadi astrologer about this miracle and he was very happy. He checked the Prasana Nadi for that time and “Oh, my God”, the Nadi leaf has been found and to our surprise and joy the Vasistar Rishi confirmed the Miracle of Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma in the form of Mangala Narayani.
I am happily sharing this blessing with everyone and pray to Beloved Amma to give all of us good health and joy to serve Amma in this life and in coming births.

by M. Rajkumar

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