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My Son's Approach

My Son's Approach

I first met Narayani Amma in November of 1999. I was introduced by my fiancée who was introduced by a network of friends and family in Calgary. My fiancée had left for Calgary and I believe this was my first meeting with Amma by myself. By the grace of God my 16 year old son had graciously agreed to come out to see Amma. He and I watched part of the Havan or Fire Puja - if one watches carefully Angels can be seen dancing in the flames.

Later in the evening, I met with Amma. We spoke of my son and Amma asked about him and his life. As I was leaving Amma got up from the cross-legged position and came over towards me. Amma held out the hand, palm down, and started the sequence that I had learned would lead to a manifestation of a divine object. Amma manifested a small silver cross, inlaid with black, and said it was a gift for my son.

What touched me from Amma's gift - aside from the way that Amma manifests objects which is always amazing to me - was the item Amma selected to manifest. Of all the Hindu sacred objects Amma might have chosen Amma instead chose a Christian one. By the reverence my son has shown for his cross I believe Amma has started my son on the path to his approach to God.

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