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My Visit to Peedam

My Visit to Peedam

As we were traveling, I made a cardamom garland for Amma. We reached the Divine abode of the most loving Mother a few hours later and I was so happy to see the temple even from the outside. I thought, finally I have reached my beloved Mother. In my mind I said, “Amma, I came from you and I know I am going back to you!” I may be a naughty child or a good child. I may be a precious plant in your garden or an unnecessary weed. Whatever I may be, I am here with your immense grace!

We went to Kamala Nivaas, Peedam’s guest house, checked into a room and then went to the temple. The first darshan was that of the Naaga Narayani and the Swayambhu Narayani, the Devi who came out of the earth on her own will in the form of the Lingam and the Panchaloha murthi of the Divine Mother, Shukra Vaara Devi Narayani. This is the idol that came out from the Turmeric water. This Swayambhu has the siddhas on the gopuram and it is so beautiful.

Next was the sanctum Santorum of the big Devi Narayani and as we went into that Sannidhi, I was filled with tears and my heart choked with emotion to see the most beautiful Devi holding a beautiful, silver veena in Her divine hands. The Devi is so big and the veena is so cute. It was the size of a real veena which we can play. I was told that they had made Saraswathi decoration that day for the Devi! What a blessing this is (since my instrument of choice that I can play is the veena)! This is not coincidence. Only that day was that alankaram.

Next I went to the Huge Durga Devi murthi were there is the Shri Chakram and the vigraham of Aadi Narayani. I thought of all of my friends, each one of them, believe me, and of course I chanted Amma's Gayathri Manthra, and kept singing all Amma’s bhajans all the time. I sang the new bhajans and literally, all of my friends were with me (in spirit). I remembered what each one of them told me before I left to visit Peedam.

After this, I went to the Shanthi Mandapam, and waited for the arrival of Amma!
This is the most special moment and the eyes are searching for the beautiful sight of Amma with Devi Narayani coming for the puja. Listening to the Nadaswaram, my heart started throbbing and the soul cried out loud, "I cant wait anymore!

As the devotees waited with folded hands to greet the divine mother, our Beloved Amma with Devi Narayani in arms, walked into the Shanthi Mandapam. Amma’s lovely eyes greeted us with a beautiful smile and conveying subtly the message, "Amma has brought you here!” Indeed, Amma has brought me to Amma’s abode!

It was a wonderful abhishekam, alankaram and puja and throughout in my mind I was singing bhajans and chanting Amma’s divine name and the Gayathri and Kumkum manthras, blessed to sit at the first row just next to the red carpet.

Soon after the puja, Amma sat on the dias to give theertam to the devotees, and when we went to Amma, my in laws offered the garlands to Amma and we were all blessed to see Amma with the garlands. Amma gave such a blessing to my in laws and also gave a bottle of theertam to my father in law and blessed him with a healthy life.

Then my parents received blessing and Amma spoke to them with a very special love and care! They were seeing Amma for the first time and my family members know about Amma only through me.
When it was my turn, I first gave the letter that my friend sent through me to Amma. Amma was very happy to receive it and blessed with a beautiful smile. When I received the theertam, Amma asked me when I came and then asked how long my trip was. I told Amma, as long as Amma says! Amma smiled and gave blessings and I told Amma, that all the devotees from Calgary have sent their special love to Amma! Amma blessed everyone with beautiful smile and Abhaya Hastham.

With Amma's grace I stayed for three days, and left with Amma's blessings on the Saturday evening. A lady devotee from Toronto had been doing seva for the past year and her husband was also doing seva at the Sri Narayani Hospital. She was the one who did puja for the Swayumbu and Naaga Narayani. We became friends, as I was there for the early morning abhishekam at 5am at the main temple. The Naga Narayani is so graceful I sat inside the Garbha Graham of the snake pit and sang the new bhajan “Naaga Narayani” daily.
On the Friday morning before we left, we witnessed the Amma's Vishwa Roopa darshan, “that’s when Amma stands on the bed of flowers and chants "Om Namo Narayani". Then, we followed Amma to see the Tulasi Puja, Sun Puja, Gaja Puja, Naaga Puja and the Gho Puja.

The Gho puja was very special. I sat in front of Amma while witnessing the puja, which was also very special. The divine Mother Cow, Indrani was was in her advanced stage of pregnancy. After the Gho puja, Amma gave me a lime prasad and also Paada Namaskaram to me and my mother.

On the Friday evening, the puja at the big Devi Narayani temple was just so great and unique. We witnessed Amma doing the Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswathi Sukthams waving the peacock fan! That time when Amma came out of the sanctum Sanctorum, Amma gave me a garland of turmeric in my hand and said, “Take 9 turmeric with you to Calgary, (to give the bhajan singers), and distribute the rest to the devotees here”. I did as told and the precious prasad from Amma reached those devotees.

On the Friday night, at the guest house, some devotees, all bhajan singers and myself sat outside at the corridor and started singing Amma bhajans. They were eager to hear all the new bhajans that we are blessed with. A Toronto devotee also wrote lots of bhajans on Amma and she shared her bhajans with us. We were singing and singing till after midnight! A devotee from California who was also at the guest house said that she enjoyed it so much and felt the divine presence.

On the Saturday morning, as we were waiting for Amma's arrival, I first took the Pada Namaskaram of Amma's birth mother. I was so blessed to see her first at the guest house and then at the Shanthi Mandapam. I was holding a beautiful red and orange rose garland in my hand to offer to Amma, and I told Amma in my mind that this garland is from all the devotees in Calgary.

You know, in India, the florists make lovely garlands. This was specially made for Amma, by the temple florists. It was very heavy with beautiful multi color roses that are the rose had red and orange color in it. I also said a prayer "please wear it for some time so that I can see you with the garland really well, so that I can narrate what I saw to my lovely friends at Calgary ". Amma is so wonderful, Amma hears our prayers and never disappoints us!

Soon after the Vishwa Roopa darshan, I offered the garland and Amma wore it beautifully and walked a beautiful smile, majestic gait, mischievous looks and lovely blessings to all the Calgary devotees. On behalf of all the Calgary devotees, I also prayed to Amma, to visit Calgary again, very soon.
When I left on Saturday evening, Amma blessed me again, this time with lots of kumkum and lovely blessings. Amma asked me when I was leaving for Calgary. I told Amma that everything depends on the divine will and that only Amma knows! Beautiful smile again!

So, we travelled back to my in laws place in Chennai. With Amma's grace, I saw the beautiful birds singing for Amma, the lovely flowers blooming only for Amma, the sun shinning brightly radiating Amma's shakthi , the cooling moon showing Amma's beautiful face to all of us, wherever we are in this world!
Amma is always with us and Amma’s love fills our heart and soul. Blessed are we to have Amma’s grace and blessings. I am grateful to receive this blessing and I thank each one of you for your special prayers which has made me receive the immense grace of our Beloved Amma!

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