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Our Marriage

Our Marriage

I met Amma again in Scarborough, Toronto and my fiancée and I were both invited to Amma's Peedam in India to celebrate Amma's birthday on January 3rd, 2000. We were planning our wedding in February of 2000 followed by our honeymoon in Australia. We decided that Amma's invitation and hospitality would be a perfect opportunity to visit India and changed our travel plans at the last moment for a visit in February.
I had asked Amma if Amma would marry us when I met with Amma in Ottawa and Amma had graciously agreed. We arrived via London on February 8th, 2000 as guests at Om Sakthi Narayani Siddhar Peedam, Amma's Peedam, east of Vellore in Southern India.

Upon arrival, Amma said Amma would tell us the day of our wedding and, on February the 13th, Amma selected February 17th as our wedding day. We learned later that was an auspicious date for weddings and many people were married that day in India. Even though we had brought some wedding dress from Canada, we were told that all arrangements would be made for us. We were asked to be ready early in the morning on the 17th and in due time I was whisked away to be dressed, as was my fiancée.
When we met again later on in the morning we hardly recognized each other - I with my Maharajah's cap, mala and wedding attire and my fiancée in her elaborate make-up, jewelry and a gorgeous silk Sari; all by the gracious gift of Amma.

Our wedding procession started, complete with a 3 member band, friends from Canada, America and the Peedam, and school children from Amma's school. We were guided by - everyone - through our wedding. There was no rehearsal and we were helped through blessing after blessing until we were seated in front of Amma.

We were married by early afternoon and celebrations finally concluded about midnight. Our marriage by Amma has created a really amazing spiritual connection between my wife and me. The connection is so strong it has the strength of a physical attachment – even though it's a spiritual one. When we are physically separated, she is always right beside me and our relationship between ourselves and with God strengthens daily.

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