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Our Meeting with God

Our Meeting with God

These stories have already been written. From the first letter, I know it's with us, even as we start to write. The matter is simply to set it out so that it can be understood. I have become aware that all the events in life are planned - it's all there, laid out only awaiting the eventual acting out, in time, as God wishes.

These stories are part of our relationship to God - told before countless times, in countless ages, with as many hues and subtleties as a rainbow. Bequeathed to us in all of our collected ancient books of wisdom - the Vedas and the Upanishads, the New Testament of Christianity, the Talmud of Judaism, and the books of the Bahias, Buddhists, Confucianism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism amongst many others and those that have been long forgotten. This particular story is to be written by many people in this graced age.
Graced because of the wonder of the appearance of God, yet cursed because of the cause of the occurrences of God. This story will be witnessed in the future and be told again, countless times, to the ends of times. My own reasons for writing of my experiences are several folds.

As I wondered how to share Amma's presence in my life I thought it might be better to leave this written work to someone else; someone with more experience at life and at writing and a real in depth knowledge of the Hindu faith. I thought it would be best for me to participate, experience and enjoy my faith process without the duty of recording it and sharing with others.

As I saw and learned I realized I needed a way to sort through all my experiences so that I could understand them. I had to write them down, organize and sift through everything so that I could understand the meaning. I have not until now considered myself a writer; a photographer, yes, a businessman, certainly, but not a writer.

As I start to write I conclude there is no topic I would more prefer to write of - my personal relationship with God. One of my many thoughts was that I would undertake this task as my gift to God and to be shared with others. A gift to God!; maybe more as a small token of my astonishment of God's real, tangible presence.
As I sift through and organize my thoughts for this story I now realize this is God's gift to me - in God's subtle ways, the information I am sharing is the journey to the fulfillment of my own faith in understanding God. My soul search is my offering to God. I know divinity will engage me and guide me to complete my part of this honour. I always wonder where this particular path will lead me. Narayani Amma's presence in my life enriched my faith in God so much I started a dialogue with Father Robert Smith, a Roman Catholic priest at my home parish in Ottawa.

Amma's wisdom is offered through the rich history and environment of Hinduism and often I remember my talks with Amma and interpret them through fresh reading of The Bible. As well I often interpret the Bible through Amma's wisdom. There is no question to me my faith has grown through Narayani Amma's presence in my life. I have come to believe that the word of God is omnipresent and no different when spoken through Christ and the disciples as it is spoken today.

I believe whether we are aware or not that we all are involved in an event of truly historic proportions. The appearance of an Avatar is a rare event, occurring in intervals of thousands of years and always becoming part of a culture's sacred heritage; in any culture. It's happening right now for those who reach to touch it. Narayani Amma's appearance as an Avatar is unique; this is the first time Amma has taken Form this way. It is a story completely foreign to my North American culture and psych.

To embrace the reality that God presently walks amongst us - in person - with names – in this age - how can I describe this? A God whose outward form we can see, talk to and touch if we are permitted. Miracles that can be seen, now! I am hopeful these stories will be valuable to those who are approaching God - as God approaches us all.

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