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Physics Teacher

Physics Teacher

I used to teach Physics in the School where Amma was a student. A lot of things started happening in the school. One day Amma materialized a lot of vermillion. Another day Amma materialized a red rose and gave it to me and after sometime passed, the rose turned white.

Other students used to challenge or tease Amma. Once a student taunted Amma about the miracles and Amma did something and the entire classroom was filled with flowers. After that happened nobody teased Amma.
One day the headmaster called Amma and said he had heard that Amma could materialize things and said to Amma, "You must materialize something for me right now." On hearing this Amma materialized a chocolate for the head master who being a science teacher was flabbergasted. After that day he did not say anything to Amma.

[After his retirement, the Physics teacher became a devotee of Amma and spends most of his time at the Peedam]

The older brother of Amma, has many memories of his childhood with Amma. He said that Amma was always different from other children. From a very young age Amma did pujas and worshipped the Gods; sitting under a tree or in the puja room.

He never paid too much attention to Amma as he thought that Amma was playing with the images. He did not think Amma was serious. From the age of twelve, every Friday Amma used to visit the family house in the Ariyur village to worship the anthill over there.

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