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Reveal Your Love

Reveal Your Love

For me my visit with Amma was transformational in allowing me to step into a life of freedom to be me. I was in India that December of the Tsunami. The upheaval in the external world was mirrored by the upheaval that was taking place within me. One morning after Puja, many of us from New York were sitting a small room waiting. We were told that Amma would be seeing people individually.

There must have been 40 of us waiting quietly and expectantly, sitting or standing side by side, with not a space unfilled with people.

First, Amma called in the couples and the families; then individuals one by one. Some went in looking nervous. All came out of Amma’s room with a different energy. There was light and peace emanating from their being. I was excited but also nervous about what I would say. I had had a private audience with Amma before in Calgary and also in Dr. Gaynor’s apartment in New York. Each time I had known before hand what I wanted to say. Please bless my husband, my children, and my close friend who was suffering from a severe form of cancer. Amma had always responded lovingly with “Amma takes care.”

This time I had no idea what I wanted to ask of Amma and I was uncomfortable in this place of not knowing. One by one people were called in to see Amma. The room I was waiting in was slowing getting emptier and emptier. My mind was racing. “I will be the next one.” “Maybe Amma doesn’t want to see me.”

“Maybe Amma is angry because I am so fidgety at Puja.” There were only a few people left to be seen.

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