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Sweet Amma - Thyroid Miracle - by Edo

Sweet Amma - Thyroid Miracle - by Edo

Om Namo Narayani

I just wanted to share with you a lovely Amma health miracle that happened to me.
When we arrived here at Peedam in August 2009 I went for the master health check up at the Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre. I asked them to add the thyroid test as I had lost about 5kgs in a month, which for me is a lot to lose! That morning while I was in the middle of an ultra sound I hear Jo's voice calling me from behind the screen, "Edo! Amma has called us!"

We leave in the middle of the check up and go over for a visit with Amma (it always happens when you least expect it!). Amma asks "Why was Edo at the hospital?" I told Amma and Amma looked me up and down and said "Edo's body and health is perfect". So I am thinking, "Great"; Do I even need to go back and finish the check up"?

Since it was all in motion I finished the tests, but I told the doctors no need to worry Amma just said all is perfect (this is the only hospital you can say anything like that to the doctors and they take you seriously!). So the blood tests came back which were taken before the visit with Beloved Amma.

The thyroid levels are sky high, with the hormone levels for T3 and T4 being three times higher than the maximum levels of the normal range and the TSH which is another hormone being three times below normal range - all indicating "hyperthyroidism" meaning my thyroid is over active and such symptoms such as increased metabolism, weight loss, fatigue, anxiety etc can be present.

The usual remedy is medication to regulate the hormones (which can take 3-6 months or taking the thyroid out completely and being on hormone medication for life if that doesn't work!) So I knew these tests were done before Amma said my health was perfect but told Amma the results anyway and the response from Amma was "Amma will take care" and gave me a bottle of 'theertum' (Amma's blessed water which has super healing qualities).

After that Jo and I went to Malaysia for a week and upon my return I had an intense 6 day fever which felt like a huge purification. So then I repeated the tests and to the Doctor's amazement or "amma-zement" the T3 levels had normalized and the T4 although still high had dropped dramatically while TSH was still low.
The Doctor said without 'medication' this is a huge change in such a short time and that such a drop was indeed a miracle! I asked him what he does when he has a personal problem. He answered: "I think it over, I worry and then I take it to Amma and if Amma says "Amma will take care" it all stops there! That is where faith takes over!!

The Doctor instructed me to tell Amma what has happened and that there has been a huge improvement and take one more bottle of theertum from Amma and we will re-test a week from now. I too anxiously wondered what the outcome of the tests would be; Also tell Amma if Amma heals all my patients like this I will be sitting here in an empty clinic idling my time (smile)!"

When I told Beloved Amma what the doctor said Amma laughed and gave me another bottle of theertam...
Yesterday, I went to get my results and every indicator was within the normal range! Everyone at the hospital was overjoyed! The Doctor said in 21 years of being an ENT specialist he has never seen this happen!

Thanks to Amma's divine blessings,
Om Namo Narayani!

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