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Chhath Puja



In Sanskrit language there are many golden words and sentences. One such sentence which is apt in this age is "DAIVAM- MANISHA- ROOPANAE" Meaning "God in Human Form".

God manifests himself from time to time to destroy evil and bring about righteousness. In this kaliyuga, God has manifested himself in human form. Siddhars, Yogis and Rishis can realize God only through self realization and so continue to pray and do penance for years and years. Human beings are blessed to see God in human form.
To realize this, understand and receive maximum benefit in seeing God in human form, one should have a Guru (spiritual teacher & guide). This Guru will increase the maturity of mind to understand, realize and attain complete joy in seeing God.

When we have found a Guru, it is like having found God. Human beings are blessed because they can choose a Guru who can lead them on a path to God realization You generally see God in a form of a Guru, but those who seek 'AMMA's’ blessings are very fortunate to see God taking the form of a Guru!

In Lalitha Sahasranamam there are several names for Divine Mother - Om Matre Namah - Salutations to the Divine Mother, Om Maha Rajnyai Namah -Salutations to the Great Empress of the whole Universe, Om Parameshvaryai Namah - Salutations to Sovereign Supreme.

There is so much power in these words when you chant them and the same power exists when you say- Om Gurumurtayae Namah - Salutations to one who assumes the form of Guru.

“Amma blesses you to follow the path of your Guru and to realize God”.

Spirituality - The Guru

Spirituality is important for everyone, however to avoid confusion, a person must genuinely appreciate the path he or she follows. Take the food in any given country, different produce may be native to different cities, depending on their environments. Regardless of the types of food available in different cities in any country, everywhere the people have the same goal: To acquire food for survival, to feed their stomachs. Similarly, spirituality may take different paths, but the end goal of every spiritual seeker is the same: To reach God.

Some people like prayer (Pujas), some like hymns (Bhajans) some prefer Yoga and others, Meditation. One might ask which one path is right or which one is wrong among all these paths. All paths are right. Choose what your heart desires and then follow it. Sometimes, people go to a teacher (Guru) and follow his path.

However when another Guru comes along, they go to him, leaving the first Guru. By changing Gurus frequently, confusion arises and people fail to progress on any path. The mind is very fickle. We should not jump from Guru to Guru and we should not compare Gurus. If another Guru comes along, go and get his blessings. Listen to his teachings as if it is coming from your Guru. See your Guru in him. In this way, there will be no confusion. If you see your Guru in other Gurus, you will hear the message in the right way and you will stay on the spiritual path.
In this world, all Gurus are good, no method is wrong. All Gurus are Kalki Avatars (a divine being that descends from heaven to earth in human form and lives as a human being), who have come to teach about principles and truth. Different Gurus show different paths, but all lead to one goal – “God”.

In spirituality, stay on the path and don’t misuse devotion.
Don’t say nasty things about other Gurus. Each Guru is special. Guru is God. God is Guru. The God to whom we pray comes in the form of a Guru. If we bad-mouth Gurus, we are bad-mouthing God. We travel the spiritual path for peace and enjoyment. We should look at Gurus as different forms of God, leading us on different paths toward the same goal. There are different bulbs with different watts, but the electric current that flows through all of them is the same.

So, choose the path and teachings of the Guru to your liking and interest. Follow the path you can appreciate and stay on it till the end. Don’t do what your friends tell you, listen to your heart and follow the path of your Guru till the end. Only then will you progress on the divine path (Sadhana).

“Amma blesses everyone to follow the spiritual path of your liking and to stay on it until you reach your goal”.

Importance of the Guru

In our lives, at every stage, each and every one of us requires assistance or help.
For the little baby, its mother nourishes and helps child through infancy. As the child grows older, the school teacher helps the child. As Grahastha (householder), the wife is the help. Aged, the individual relies on his/her children for comfort and assistance.

In this Kaliyuga (age of darkness), each and every one requires a lot of help. A little, tender child neither knows how to declare hunger nor how to feed itself. Therefore, the mother is required. As the child grows older, the respective path the child chooses to educate his/her self, will be assessed and guided by the teacher. Similarly, in the maturity of our lives, for peace of mind and emancipation from bondage, we all need a Guru as a guide.
We can argue that we can pray to God ourselves. Why do we need a Guru? In every field of life, by listening and by training from experienced people we learn. For example, a mother who is an experienced cook will teach her child to cook. An experienced engineer will guide a junior engineer in executing a project. In the same way, to acquire Gyana (knowledge), a Guru is very essential.

If one wants to go to the Ganga and Kashi (river Ganges and Benares city - places of pilgrimage in India) that person needs to seek directions from a person who already visited those places. Similarly, a person who has attained Gyana (self-realization), if sought, will gladly part with his knowledge and explain in simple terms the path to Gyana. Such a person is called a Guru.

For mankind, a Guru is important. Kaliyuga (the present time) is full of difficulties. Since we do not know how to live well, we have problems. A Guru always gives good advice and the right directions to us to help us on the spiritual path and live a good life. When we live a good life, then we can have a happy existence.
Even Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had Gurus. They really did not require one, but all the same, to set an example to the general population they had Gurus. In order to stress the importance of having a Guru, and the definite need of advice and guidance from a Guru, they submitted to the tradition and stayed with their respective Gurus for a certain period in their childhood.

With a Guru’s advice, we can correct ourselves. How can we attain a good and qualified Guru? Such doubts should not spring up in our minds. If your heart accepts a person as a Guru, then submit to him. If he has to be tested and certified, then we do not require a Guru. Faith and belief should propel us in accepting a Guru. We will certainly reap the benefits.
All the unlimited desires we have are the cause for our unhappiness and difficulties. What is contentment? Guru has the answer. Accept any guru of any religion and follow his teaching and personal advice. This will allow you a life of symmetry, decency and happiness.
“Amma blesses you all”

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