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Beloved SRI SAKTHI AMMA, The Divine avatar of Sri Narayani the embodiment of Sri Durga, Sri Saraswathi, Sri Mahalakshmi is on a Mission to retrieve righteousness and harmony through universal brotherhood. With this divine, noble objective Amma has initiated many social welfare programs that have enhanced the lives of many of people both in India and overseas.

Amma has laid emphasis of ‘Vidya’, that is Education, as an extremely important facet for creating a bright future for the children. With this noble intention SRI SAKTHI AMMA, The Creator of the spiritual Oasis “The Golden Temple” Sripuram, has been serving the community for the past 15 years, under the scheme of Vidya Netram. AMMA has blessed us with the new CBSE School ‘Sri Narayani Vidyashram’ at the adjacent campus of Sri Narayani Vidyalaya from the academic year 2013-2014. AMMA’s vision is “Education with wisdom” will be assured to all the children they will have all-round development here.

Amma Emphasizes on the aspect of Education & Wisdom, which are two important facets of academic studies, which transforms the student as glorious citizens. Education can be acquired from any institute of studies, but not wisdom. Sri Narayani Vidyashram blends education with Wisdom through spirituality, which makes a big difference to the lives of the student.

In addition, Amma guides the students to achieve the all-round Development through SEVA that is Service to living beings with COMPASSION, SPRITUALITY and MORAL VALUES, to mould the child into a complete personality.

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